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Akumal is the first destination of the coastline of the Yucatan peninsula washed by the Caribbean Sea. Founded in 1958 by Pablo Bush Romero. Long before that Cancun was in the plans of the Mexican government in response to the disappearance of Cuba as a leisure destination for Americans.

Akumal is a Mayan word and its meaning is "land turtle" because it has been and remains one of the favorite spots for the turtles to spawn. Located approximately 40 minutes from Playa del Carmen in the Riviera Maya. It is very easy to reach by bus, taxi or car. The road is a dual carriageway and has many signs.

One of the main attractions of Akumal is its bay waters, with its palm trees that seem inclined made especially for you go to bed beneath them once it has emerged from taking a dip in the crystalline water. This is a place to relax, enjoy paradise and fall in love with the Caribbean.
One of its main attractions, is for divers as it is located very close to one of the largest reef in the world apart from their surroundings that can be found more than 200 entries to caves and underground rivers to the delight of these adventurers, it is a unique experience.

Akumal isn't only the bay and caves, you can also visit cove of Yalku, It is a spectacular and almost untouched for snorkelear, there are all kinds of fish and of course you need to carry your team snorkeling to enjoy this cove. Another attraction is angling for lovers of this activity, it's fun and all returned with fishing.


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