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Archaeological Zone Cobá
Yucatán, México
08:00 a 19:00


Cobá was a city in the Mayan Empire located in the southeast of Mexico, in the territory that was to become the State of Quintana Roo, about ninety miles east of Chichen Itza and about forty northwest of Tulum.

The Mayan ruins of Cobá, in the Yucatan Peninsula, may be the largest in the area, including the highest pyramid built by the Mayans. The site is partially excavated, consists of more than 6500 structures and is a stronghold unique in the history of the Maya.


Coba is among Chichen Itza and Tulum, in the Riviera Maya. The city of Chichen Itza is about an hour and a half by car and the city of Tulum to less than 30 minutes. There is a paved road that leaves the two cities, runs through the jungle of Riviera Maya and lets you explore the natural landscape a bit before arriving. Once at the site you can rent a bicycle to explore the vast area covered by the city.
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Principal Structures

The city is structured from architectural groups, which not only has to do with its timing, but also with its urban function because there are some eminently sidenciales, as the Group Cobá, while others are rather ceremonial and funerary function, as the Group Macanxoc. They are currently open to the visit, the Panel Cobá (which actually began its journey), where one can see a dramatic temple of nearly 25 meters high, belonging to the early classical, and known locally as laIglesia, as well as a complex set palace and residential buildings that are an excellent demonstration of the enormous size and importance which would have had the city in his time. The visit to this group is complemented by the ballgame, where some performances can be seen ce captives from the period 600900 dne, as well as a basement decorated with representations of human skulls and some hieroglyphic inscriptions in peraltes of stairs.

Continuing the tour, which allows you to see the beginning of Sacbé 1, which connects the site with that of Yaxuna, can be reached at the Group Nohoch Mul, which is one of the tallest buildings in the entire area Mayan known precisely with the name of Nohoch Mul ( "Grand Mound" in Mayan), which is a huge base of more than 30 meters high, on which is kept a temple belonging to a later stage constructive, and it produces a total height of 42 meters. The Nohoch Mul was built during the early classical (200-600 dne), probably to commemorate the sacred power of the rulers of Cobá and to serve as the final resting place for some of the members of that ruling lineage; probably for his political significance and symbolic , the building were attached various components, the latter of which is that it is preserved temple in the upper portion of the basement, which corresponds to the architectural style east coast, which belongs to the period 1200 -1550 dne In addition to this remarkable building, in the Group Nohoch Mul there is an even greater volume of construction, it's the Great Platform, a building nearly 30 meters high and 100 by 25 meters in hand, making it the largest of the basement volume throughout the northeastern Yucatan Peninsula.

Though unfortunately not been explored, it is interesting to note its impressive dimensions, which might correspond to an unfinished project, since no remains have been found of any building in its upper portion.


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