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Archaeological Zone Labná
Yucatán, México
08:00 a 17:00


Labná is a ceremonial center aruinado of the Mayan civilization in the estato Yucatan, Mexico. Refer to the photo of the Palace of Labná. Yucatán is of Mayan origin and means "old house".

Labná is in the southwestern state Yucatánal south of Uxmal part of the area known as the Puuc.

The site hosting Labná is small and quiet. A Palace (Palace) two floors. With a length of 120 meters, is one of the biggest buildings in the mountainous region Puuc. From the Palace, there is a sacbé, a ceremonial stone road, which reaches an arc elaborately decorated (The Arc). This structure has a width of 3 meters and a height of 6 meters. The reliefs are in good conditions. Next to the Arc is erije El Mirador, which is a temple built on top of the pyramid.



It is located 29 km. Southeast of Uxmal, 1 hour from Merida on the peninsula Yacatán. The archaeological site of Labná can be found very easily, even by car rented. In addition to exploring the entire area south of Merida, you can visit the beautiful ruins of Uxmal and Kabah. From Cancun, you can go to Labná by road Valladolid - Merida. After Valladolid are 5 hours driving, considering that travel on small roads.


Chacchoben map

Principal Structures

The apogee of Labná dating from the period 600-900 DC The ruins consist of three main buildings: The Palace, The Arc and El Mirador. Several Sac-Be (Mayan road) entering the site.

The palace had at least two floors, with several rooms and columns of stone. This is the building Puuc longer than has been discovered, is more than 120 meters long. Inside its walls are found in many depictions of God Chac. There is a Sac-Be that connects directly with Main Bow Palace.

The Arch is the entrance to the archaeological site and is a masterpiece of architecture Puuc. The arch is 12 meters wide and 6 meters high. There is a small room on each side of the arc, it is believed the guards wore. All the arc this richly decorated with figures carved in stone.

El Mirador was discovered in 1840 by John Stephens. It is a great monument that had statues of baseball players (were stolen after the discovery of the place).


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