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Archaeological Zone Muyil
Yucatán, México
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The large architectural relics and its geographical make Muyil prehistoric settlement is the largest of the Biosphere Reserve Sian Ka'an. The site has 45.0000 hectares, and is located roughly north of the reserve.

Muyil is the name itself is known that one of the lagoons adjacent to the site and it appears that name since colonial times.

There is a large vegetation and visitors can learn about the group of three temples in the area, El Castillo, with a height of 17 meters. It is one of the highest structures on the East Coast.




Access wing area can be done by land or sea. The first, which is the most common and simple, is through federal highway 180, which goes north to Cd. Cancun (150 kms.). And heading south toward Chetumal (220 kms.). The route includes 12 kms. Navigation from the Caribbean Sea to the lagoon Muyil, at the edge of which is located Prehispánico settlement.

The site is located within the perimeter of the area in 1986 was ordered by the name of the biosphere reserve Sian ka'an


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Principal Structures

The Castle is the construction May importance, it has a height of 17 meters and consists of a basement pyramid of five bodies, crowned by a temple. We have been able to identify two stages constructive presenting architectural features similar to those found in structures in the region of Peten. It is interesting to mention that in an altar or box located at the top of the ladder in the first phase, was found two offerings consisting of various objects (accounts, earrings, orejeras, bezotes and rings), of which 183 were developed in jadeíta and 79 out of snail. Temple 8 consists of a basement pyramid of three bodies, whose main facade looks to the north, at its peak was built a small temple that was later covered by a building similar, but larger. Like Castle, this temple has two stages constructive, where the substructure preserved remains of mural paintings. The architectural complex formed by this building and adjacent structures, it is bounded by a paramento or wall low altitude, possibly contributing to emphasize the sacredness of this area.
The site is located within the perimeter of the area in 1986 was ordered by the name of the biosphere reserve Sian ka'an.


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